A commitment to provide top quality maritime services while preserving the delicate environment of Grenada is high on the agenda for the various organizations that work closely with the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA).
Grenada's Maritime Administration plays a key role in promoting higher standards of shipping, maritime safety, pollution control and training of seafarers.
However, the Administration's principal task is to manage the Grenada Register of Ships, established in 1997.
Owners and masters of Grenadian ships are required to register their vessels and have them surveyed for seaworthiness. The Administration has a pool of expertise in this sector and works closely with the ship survey company Tsunami Marine Ltd, of Trinidad & Tobago, to deliver a good-quality, reliable service.
Registration of Grenadian ships is governed by the Shipping Act 1994 and the Shipping (Registration) Regulations SRO 51 of 1997. All Grenadian ships over 24 metres LOA must be registered if they are to be taken outside Grenadian waters or if a mortgage is required.
The port of registry is St George's.
A ship may be registered only by qualified persons, that is, any citizen of CARICOM, any public body of CARICOM and any body, incorporated or not, authorised by the Minister for Shipping. At least 11/16ths of shares in a ship must be owned by qualified persons before the vessel is eligible to be registered.
Applications should be made to the Registrar of Ships, Grenada Ports Authority, PO Box 494, Carenage, St George's, Grenada, and must be accompanied by the relevant fee.
Documents required to register a ship:
  • Application for registration
  • Declaration of ownership
  • Bill of sale
  • Notice of proposed ship's name
  • Declaration of appointment of managing owner or manager
  • Proof of survey for ships over 20 years old
  • Builder's certificate for new ships.
Upon successful registration, a certificate of registry is issued together with an official number which must be displayed on the ship. Any changes in details of registry must be notified to the Registrar.
 (EC$ per tonne)
1 to 100 tonnes
7.0 (minimum EC$350)
101 to 500 tonnes
501 to 1,000 tonnes
1,001 to 5,000 tonnes
Over 5,000 tonnes
Annual fees
EC$3 per tonne (minimum EC$275)
Provisional certificate
EC$1 per tonne (minimum EC$500)
Temporary pass
Change of ship's name
Registration of alterations
Duplicate certificate
Change of port of registry
Other charges include transfer of ownership, mortgages and transfer of mortgage registration, change to the registered ship and change in name of company. A current list of all charges is available from the Registrar of Ships.
Seafearers and Boat Owners know your Rights and Responsibilities:
Overiew of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)

Grenada is a ratifying member of MLC 2006: See document here.
MLC - Seafarer's Employment Agreement