The GPA continues to be Grenada's focal point for international organizations in maritime matters. Its staff represents Grenada at regional and international conferences, most recently at the Transport Committee of the Association of Caribbean  States, the Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control, the IOPC Funds, the IMO and the Organization of American States Committee on Ports.

As well as working with international organizations and local ports to promote better regional commerce and improved relations, the Authority plays a key role at home, in particular in public sector investment. Working with the Ministry of Finance, it draws up projects to develop the port and the environment, especially the coastal zone.

The GPA is actively involved in an outreach programme involving the local community. In recent years it has organized and sponsored a Coastal Zone Management Competition for primary schools. The Ports Authority has also sponsored the Carriacou Regatta Festival and has assisted young members of the Grenada Swimming Association. It also continues to support the Grenada Community Development  Agency.

In addition the GPA is represented on the national Sustainable Development Council which considers matters pertinent to the nation's long term sustainable development.